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Reaching a Divorce Agreement Out of Court

When contemplating divorce, many spouses fear a drawn-out, expensive court battle. Although disagreements are to be expected during the divorce process, that does not mean that things cannot be settled outside of court. 

Over the past 20 years, there has been a gradual societal movement away from divorce court trials and toward negotiated resolutions. Spouses who want to preserve a co-parenting relationship and their privacy, or who want to avoid the cost and collateral damage caused by a trial are increasingly finding solutions through a process of negotiation to achieve their objectives. 

A negotiated divorce allows you to make your arrangements with an experienced Texas family lawyer facilitating the negotiation, without stepping into a courtroom. About 95% of all Texas divorce cases ultimately resolve without a contested trial. So even if you and your spouse have areas of disagreement or complex financial or child custody issues, a negotiated divorce is still a viable option for achieving a constructive out-of-court resolution. 

What Must You Agree on to Achieve a Negotiated Divorce Agreement in Texas?

Coming to a divorce settlement agreement in Texas means that you’ll need to agree on several standard issues during the divorce process. These include: 

Division of property 

Allocation of debt 

Alimony (spousal support) 

Parenting time 

Child Support

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Figuring out how to negotiate a divorce settlement with your spouse on all of these issues can be challenging, but with the assistance of a family lawyer skilled in negotiation, you can find a resolution that works for you both. 

How to Negotiate a Divorce Settlement Successfully 

One of the best strategies to achieve a successful divorce resolution out of court is to have an attorney on your side who understands your situation, your spouse, and your desired outcome. The best negotiators know how to anticipate, adapt, and customize their messages to achieve an optimal result. Negotiation is a skill, and it’s a skill that our experienced divorce attorneys have. 

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Is a Negotiated Divorce Right for Me?

A negotiated divorce is right for spouses who believe that a resolution can be reached without the interference of a judge. They may want to settle out of court to avoid a contentious divorce for the sake of their family, or they may be high-profile figures in the community and want to keep things private. No matter the motivation, a negotiated divorce is an excellent option for couples who want to settle their divorce without court involvement. 

Is it Possible to Have an Amicable Divorce?

Despite what you’ve seen in movies and heard from divorced friends, it is possible to split amicably from your spouse without court intervention. An out-of-court divorce agreement in Texas takes patience, communication, and compromise, but it is far from impossible.      

Is a Negotiated Divorce the Same as a Collaborative Divorce?

No. A Collaborative Divorce is authorized by statute and involves the spouses and lawyers signing an agreement committing not to go to court to resolve differences. In a successful Collaborative Divorce, the couple ultimately negotiates and agrees on all terms of their divorce settlement, but each spouse has a lawyer and other professionals to facilitate the process. A Negotiated Divorce is more informal and may or may not involve two lawyers or other support professionals. 

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