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What Is Interest-Based Negotiation?: Definition and Benefits

Kelly Caperton Fischer | January 5, 2024

Interest-based negotiation is defined as a process of negotiation that focuses on the interests of the people negotiating. Often, divorcing spouses have common interests, even in the most acrimonious of cases. For example, both spouses usually want to minimize the impact of the divorce on their children and often want the children to continue to have a healthy relationship with both parents.

Interest-based negotiations are a key feature of a Collaborative Divorce, which is a process that avoids the courtroom in favor of reaching a settlement through negotiation. In a Collaborative Divorce, both parties are empowered to reach a resolution that works best for them, and the process is often much more constructive than a litigated divorce would be.

If you’re interested in resolving your divorce through productive, interest-based negotiations instead of through a judge’s ruling, contact Kelly Caperton Fischer or any of the other highly skilled divorce lawyers at Goranson Bain Ausley today. Our experienced Texas family law attorneys are here to serve you.

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