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Divorce Litigation—When Court Is The Best Option

Resolving divorce and child custody disputes in the courtroom is seldom the first choice when you are going through family problems. But it is sometimes the only choice. When that is the case, the family lawyers of Goranson Bain Ausley draw on their deep courtroom experience to pursue litigation with diligence and skill.

The fact is, there are reasons to litigate. Highly contentious divorces or custody disputes, physical or mental abuse, or an intractable spouse may make court intervention necessary. Some clients may simply prefer to go to trial. GBA lawyers do not rush to court, however. They do everything possible to negotiate a settlement. But when all other options have been exhausted, they will tenaciously litigate to protect the interests of you and your children.

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What is Divorce Litigation?

When divorcing couples cannot reach a final agreement by other means, court intervention may be necessary. A litigated divorce presents couples with a solution decided by a judge, who rules on such issues as:

Because a judge will be making decisions affecting your family and finances, it is vital that you have an experienced attorney to advocate for you. Trusting their counsel and communicating openly with them will help them build a strong case and create the best opportunity for a positive outcome.

The Litigated Divorce Process in Texas

Going through a litigated divorce can feel overwhelming. Rely on your attorney to guide you through the steps of the process so you know what to expect.

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When Should You Consider Divorce Litigation?

At Goranson Bain Ausley, we do not pursue litigation lightly. We recognize that it is a serious course of action reserved for when the stakes are high. The kinds of issues that can be litigated effectively include physical or mental abuse, high conflict divorce or custody matters, or a spouse who is being unreasonable and will not negotiate in good faith. Your Goranson Bain Ausley attorney can best advise you on when to take your case to a courtroom. In experienced hands, litigation can be a powerful tool for moving things forward in divorce when other methods fail.

Experienced Divorce Litigation Attorneys at Your Side

Divorce—whether litigated or finalized through other means—is a major life transition. Knowing that you have the support of an attorney who is both capable and compassionate can help ease your way forward. The lawyers of Goranson Bain Ausley bring that dual strength to all their cases. They are recognized for their legal expertise, respected by judges, and opposing counsel alike. But they are also known for their empathy and understanding of the personal dimensions of divorce. No matter what your situation or how you choose to divorce, a working partnership with a Goranson Bain Ausley attorney in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury, or Plano can help successfully set the stage for your future. Contact us today.


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