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Useful Apps for Co-Parenting

November 9, 2021

There are several different websites and apps that you can use to manage your communications and schedules with your co-parent.

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is one of the most common applications that parents use with co-parenting issues. It allows them to communicate between each other in a way that all of the messages are stored in one place. It also allows them to export all of their messages at once if they ever need them for trial. Another advantage of Our Family Wizard is that it allows them to upload any medical expenses or reimbursements that they need to request from their co-parent. We really like this when a parent is struggling to get reimbursement from their other parent. And so it’s a great way to track this. Finally, it allows them to upload the children’s calendars so that they can keep track of them in one place.

Google Calendar

If you’re looking for something to just manage calendars between two co-parents, Google Calendar is a great option. This allows both parents to upload different events onto the calendar and see it in real-time. There are other applications like cozy that also allow parents to upload calendars and manage it. Even if they’re not divorced, this is a great tool for sharing children’s events.


One application that we recommend all of our clients to utilize is the app iMazing. It’s spelled I-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And what this app does is allow you to export all of your text messages between you and another person all at one time into one PDF. This is really important for trial because it allows you to have all of the text messages in one place, and they are date and timestamp. It’s so much easier than uploading tiny screenshots throughout the trial and trying to get little bits of information in at a time. We recommend that our clients export their text messages periodically if they are utilizing iMazing, because it ensures that text messages don’t get deleted or lost in case of a phone is lost or destroyed.

Marco Polo

Another app that our clients often like to use is either Marco Polo or apps that allow them to share pictures between themselves. Sometimes clients don’t want to just text message pictures and videos of their children throughout all of their parenting time, but they do want to have ways for their children to communicate with the other parent when they’re not with them. Marco Polo is a great app because it allows the children to record videos of themselves and send them to their parent, but they don’t have to be responding in real-time. Other picture-sharing apps are great because they can upload photos to the other parent, but they don’t necessarily have to have that in a text message. And so it doesn’t flood their phones at all times.

Custody Exchange

Custody Exchange is a great app for parents to use when they’re trying to decide what parenting schedule is best for their family. Their website is something that you can visit and just see lots of different samples of ways to divide parenting time in a visual manner. We often utilize custody exchange to chart out how often a parent has a child and to be able to visually show the court how often a parent is exercising their periods of possession and how many hours a parent has the child each year. This is great for parents that sometimes have a more complex schedule or schedules that can be confusing so that they can have their schedule charted out for the next year to come.

There are so many family law technology apps and tools that you can use throughout your family law case that will improve your chances in settling your case and improve your chances at trial. I recommend that you find a family law attorney that is versed in the various forms of technology that you can use in your family law case, as well as an attorney that’s willing to teach you how to use those tools.

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