Family Bonding Tips and Resources

Mother and father walking on beach with daughter and son at sunset

Children have a lot of needs that their parents must meet. They must be clean, warm, fed, and looked after. They also need strong relationships with their parents, siblings, and other family members. It’s up to parents to design a family life that promotes bonding and helps develop familial relationships that will last for a lifetime. Tightly bonded families where people have healthy relationships with each don’t just happen. They, like any other relationship, require time and nurturing to flourish. Luckily, a lot of family bonding takes place during the everyday rhythm of family life. Meals, trips to the grocery store, chore time, and carpool runs are the stuff that makes up most people’s days, but these are also all chances to make children feel cared for and reinforce family bonds. Small things like establishing a time each day when no one, including parents, will check their phones or tablets is a powerful way to build these strong bonds.