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What Is a Divorce Coach, and What Do They Do?

Eric Robertson | August 30, 2023

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Divorces are emotionally trying, filled with anxiety and uncertainty over the future. While experienced divorce attorneys can provide an empathetic ear for their clients, they cannot always offer the emotional support that is needed in different situations. That is where divorce coaches come in. The roll of a divorce coach is to instill in those going through a divorce a sense of confidence and optimism for the future, preparing them emotionally for their post-divorce life.

What Is a Divorce Coach?

The divorce coach definition is someone who works as a trained professional who provides someone going through a divorce with valuable guidance and support. What a divorce coach is not, however, is your attorney. Divorce coaches are not legal professionals, but they do work alongside divorce lawyers and therapists to help those going through the divorce process manage the logistical and emotional aspects of their unique situation. They help individuals set future goals and make informed decisions in relation to their divorce.

What Does a Divorce Coach Do?

Usually, the coach and client sit down in one-on-one sessions to help plan for the client’s future. During these sessions, the divorce coach listens to the client while asking questions and providing feedback. These conversations can help the client determine their priorities for life after divorce and explore available options for achieving their goals. Together, the client and divorce coach work to develop a personalized plan that the client then uses as a guide as they navigate the next stage of their life.

A divorce coach also provides practical assistance to clients by helping them collect financial documents, manage communications with their ex-spouse, and organize hectic schedules. Divorce coaches do all of this without judgment to ensure that their clients feel safe to express their feelings and vent their frustrations.

Benefits of Working With a Divorce Coach

There’s no shame in wanting divorce coaching to guide you through this difficult time and help you manage the weight of the situation. If you decide to hire a divorce coach, they will:

  • Provide perspective and clarity during uncertain times
  • Be a partner in effectively developing plans and achieving important goals
  • Advise on important decisions related to your divorce and future
  • Help to minimize conflict and help you develop the emotional skills needed to manage high-conflict individuals in the future
  • Offer emotional support as they walk you through your divorce process

Who Should Hire a Divorce Coach?

Divorce coaches can be beneficial for nearly anyone going through a divorce, but some may find them especially valuable. If you anticipate a complicated divorce involving a lot of high-conflict situations or a high-conflict individual, a divorce coach can help you manage the emotional toll it may take. They provide a much-needed sense of stability and confidence throughout the divorce process. Divorce coaches are also advantageous for those who lack emotional support in their personal life. Hiring a divorce coach can help individuals feel less isolated due to the empathetic support coaches provide.

If you’re interested in learning more about how divorce coaching works or what divorce coaching could do for you, call Goranson Bain Ausley today to set up a consultation.

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