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The Divorce Journey: Taking the Responsible, Affordable Path

Thomas A. Greenwald | November 9, 2021

“Divorce is a journey,” people often say, especially after going through it. The comparison is fitting because a main goal of divorce is to get you from the place you are to a new and better place. So—let’s say you are planning to travel with your children from New York to California for the first time. Just as there are many different ways to take that trip, there are many different ways to get a divorce. As you begin, you likely have some questions:

  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • Can I avoid costly mistakes along the way?

Just as the mode of transportation may determine the cost, length, and safety of your family trip, your choice of how to approach your divorce may determine the cost, length, and outcome of the divorce journey.

Let’s look at possible options.

1. I have Google maps. I’m good.

This approach is similar to an online, do-it-yourself approach to divorce. The forms provided to you online are similar to a navigation app. First, you have to ask yourself – How good is the map? Am I walking, driving, taking a train, or flying, or am I relying on a combination of all four? The mode of transportation will certainly determine your plans, route, the cost, and the length of your travel. For instance, relying solely on a road map would be of little assistance if your trip requires some air travel.

Also, if your map is not accurate or up to date, you may get lost and make a number of wrong turns along the way. Divorce is not like a trip across town on familiar roads. It’s more like traveling across the country for the first time, with interchanges and signs that can be confusing even if you’re an experienced map-reader. An online, one-size-fits-all divorce solution may not deliver the personalized guidance to serve the unique interests of you or your family.

2. Just get me there.

This approach is similar to letting an attorney and perhaps the judge take full control of the divorce process. In other words, you are relinquishing complete control of the outcome of your case to someone else. This approach is similar to hiring a personal driver, taking a private plane, or relying on some form of public transportation when traveling across the country. In the case of a personal driver or private plane, the cost may be prohibitive. In the case of public transportation, you will have little or no control over when and where stops will be made along the way and when you will ultimately arrive at your destination.

If cost is a consideration in your travels, a personal driver or private plane might not leave you with enough spending money once you arrive. Furthermore, if you’d like to have some flexibility during your travels, the public transportation option might make you feel like you’re just along for the ride, with no say over the plans. Handing complete control of the divorce process to an attorney or a judge may not be financially responsible or allow you to make important decisions for your future and the future of your family.

3. Give me a map and an experienced guide who knows the best route.

This approach can afford you the best of both worlds in your travels. An experienced travel advisor will explain the options available to you, so you can choose the route and the mode of transportation that are best for you. In addition, throughout your journey, you will have the assistance of the travel advisor to make sure you’re staying on track and that you and your family are able to safely reach your destination at a reasonable cost in a timely manner.

An attorney who’s taken this journey with many others will help you make sound decisions and provide you with the correct documents to navigate divorce successfully and reach an efficient resolution of your case.

10 Tips for Achieving a More Cost-Efficient Divorce

As you move forward with your divorce, keep in mind these tips and strategies on how to achieve a more cost-efficient divorce.

  • Use the right professional for the right problem, including mental health professionals, forensic accounts, and CPAs. Avoid using your divorce lawyer as a therapist.
  • Save time and costs by consolidating your thoughts and questions into one email rather than sending multiple shorter emails throughout the day or week. 
  • If you have a high conflict spouse, work with your attorney to effectively communicate and respond to high conflict situations.
  • Pay attention to the cost-benefit return on contentious issues. For example, avoid asking your attorney to fight for an asset worth less than the cost of acquiring it. 
  • Make a plan to move forward with your life rather than dwell in the past. Divorce can be a physically and emotionally challenging time. Take care of yourself and try to be as healthy as possible during the divorce process.
  • Select a family lawyer you trust, a lawyer who puts your best interest at the forefront of everything they do. Work in partnership with your attorney and listen to their advice. 

Are You Ready for a Smarter, Financially Responsible Divorce?

Divorce is more than simply a way of getting you from here to there. It is an important life transition for you and your family that will help to determine your future well-being. An experienced attorney will guide you on this journey with expertise and compassion, working to secure all that you will need for the road ahead.

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