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Navigating the Unique Effects of Divorce on Women

Lindsey Obenhaus | March 5, 2024

Going through a divorce can be difficult for anyone, but women often experience unique psychological and financial effects in a divorce. Understanding the potential impact of divorce on your life is a key first step in empowering yourself to skillfully navigate this challenging period of your life.

Common Negative Effects of Divorce

  • Reevaluating Your Identity: Many women find that their sense of who they are is wrapped up, at least in part, in their role as a wife. When you’re used to socializing with friends as part of a couple, parenting alongside your spouse, or sharing your spouse’s last name, facing a divorce can cause you to feel uncertain about your own identity.
  • Emotional Struggles: Women going through a divorce commonly experience depression, anxiety, and guilt over the dissolution of their marriage.
  • Financial Challenges: The income gap is still all too real, and women who make less income than their spouse may feel like they have less power at the bargaining table during a divorce. It can also be more challenging for women to secure a stable financial future following a divorce, especially if they’ve spent years outside of the traditional workforce.

How to Minimize the Impact of Divorce

  • Rally Your Community Around You: When you’re feeling stressed about the divorce, lean on your friends and family for support.
  • Get Organized: Pull together all of your financial records and important documents, and draw up a budget.
  • Work With an Attorney You Can Trust: Hire an experienced divorce attorney who can help you define your goals for the future and form strategic plans that align with those goals.

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