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How to Successfully Navigate Co-Parenting During Coronavirus Webinar

Kristiana Butler, Kelly Caperton Fischer, Angelica Rolong Cormier | April 22, 2020

Co-parenting is challenging even under the best of circumstances, but is even more challenging for parents who are separated, divorced, or living with a soon to be ex-partner or spouse. Goranson Bain Ausley family lawyers Kristiana Butler, Kelly Caperton Fischer and Angelica Rolong Cormier, along with family therapist Nicole Stover have provided a webinar full of family law survival tips to help parents manage the new challenges of co-parenting and custody matters.

You will learn tools, resources, and information for effective co-parenting while adhering to social distancing and shelter in place restrictions. Topics include:

  1. Co-parenting when someone is not taking the quarantine seriously
  2. Child support questions
  3. Emotional impact of being quarantined with a partner who has mental health, substance abuse or high conflict personality challenges
  4. Strategies for how to juggle homeschooling and working from home
  5. Family law and mental health services available during COVID-19

Click on the picture of the hosts below to view this free webinar today! For more information from Kristiana, Kelly, and Angelica please call (512) 454-8791.

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