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Divorce and Your Finances: How to Prepare for Post-Divorce Life

Carlos Gracia | June 10, 2024

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Divorce is a significant life event that brings emotional challenges as well as new financial considerations. From divided assets to new monthly costs related to alimony or child support, your post-divorce finances may look very different than your current ones. That is why getting your finances in order before a divorce is so important. When going through a divorce, there are some important steps you can take to help ensure your future financial stability.

Build a New Financial Identity

When you’re married, your financial identity is intertwined with that of your spouse. That will no longer be the case after the divorce is finalized. You must plan to set up your own personal bank accounts, re-evaluate your investments, and ensure your credit independence.

Evaluate Your Assets and Liabilities

Getting your finances in order and having a clear understanding of your assets and liabilities allows you to enter into negotiations with confidence and secure a fair divorce settlement.

Scheduling a meeting with a financial advisor is a great way to get some reliable advice about your finances. After divorce, you may also want to reconnect with them to talk about your new financial landscape. Experienced financial advisors can help you better understand your financial standing and identify liabilities, like debt, or review assets, such as savings, properties, or investments.

Plan for Housing and Living Expenses

A pivotal aspect of managing finances after a divorce is securing a stable living environment. The implications of this transition on one’s living arrangements and, by extension, on the welfare of any children involved, necessitate thorough planning and foresight. Will you need to find a new place to live? How will your children’s welfare be affected if you do? It’s essential to answer these questions and prepare accordingly. This preparation may entail reevaluating and modifying your budgeting strategies to accommodate the financial demands of securing a new residence.

Make Budgeting and Spending Plan Adjustments

Strategizing for your post-divorce financial landscape entails a comprehensive analysis of your income and expenditures. It’s advisable to reassess your budget and explore the possibility of identifying additional income streams. Proactively preparing your budget for the period following your divorce can offer a more defined strategy for financial negotiations.

Update Your Insurance and Emergency Savings

The Insurance needs of a family typically shift following a divorce. As you evaluate your finances post-divorce, it’s crucial to review and adjust your insurance policies to align with your updated lifestyle and obligations. Types of insurance that need to be reassessed include health, life, car, and home insurance. Not only do you need to make adjustments to the coverage, but you may also choose to make changes to the beneficiaries listed in these policies.

It is also important to assess your emergency funds, aiming to keep between three to six months’ worth of living expenses in savings. This approach will furnish you with a vital safety net, offering peace of mind as you transition into your new financial situation.

Look to the Future

It’s important to consider how a divorce affects finances immediately after the process is concluded, but you also need to look ahead to the future. Retirement plans are a common concern for divorcing partners, and adjusting your retirement savings strategy is an essential step in your financial plans. A financial advisor can be instrumental in this phase, helping you to reassess and realign your retirement goals to fit your new circumstances.

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