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What is a Cohabitation Agreement?

P. Lindley Bain | April 26, 2017


A cohabitation agreement is an agreement between two non-married partners who live together and have a marriage-like relationship, but choose not to marry. A cohabitation agreement provides financial structure to a relationship that’s not governed by Texas family laws. There are many reasons why couples should consider having a cohabitation agreement. One of the strongest reasons is that a cohabitation agreement specifically confirms that the couple is not married, even though they are having a marriage-like relationship. And this is important because, in Texas, we have common-law marriage, and many times, couples who live together and have a marriage-like relationship, when it dissolves later on, one partner may try to claim they were common-law married, and this can create a lot of stress and cost later on, to fight that issue. The benefits of a cohabitation agreement is that it sets out how things will be resolved in the event of dissolution.

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