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What Are the Main Concerns of Fathers Facing Divorce?

Ryan R. Bauerle | October 14, 2021

When it comes to divorce, one of the biggest concerns fathers have is how their relationship with their children will be affected. They worry that their children will be taken from them, or worse, that they will be replaced by somebody else. Even the prospect that they might not see their children every day can be truly devastating. Luckily, there are proactive steps fathers can take to be a consistent presence in their children’s lives.

Start Now.

One thing that fathers can do to ensure that they stay involved in their children’s lives is to start now. A dad shouldn’t want to wait until the divorce is filed before they start truly stepping up as a parent, at the least at the outset of a divorce matter, a judge is highly likely to maintain the status quo. Therefore, if a dad is seeking primary or equal custody of their children, they’re probably not going to get that at the courthouse unless they’re already exercising that role within the existing family dynamic.

Take the Lead with Activites.

Another tip for dads to stay involved is to take the lead when it comes to their children’s activities. So, what that might look like, for example, might be coaching their children’s sports teams, going to parent-teacher conferences, or being at every single doctor’s appointment. Also, get to know not only your kid’s friends, but their kid’s parents you need to make sure that when people come to find out information from your children, or the professionals that are around them, they come to look to you and not your spouse.

Fight for Your Child’s Time.

Fighting for your children’s time is not only critically important for your family law matter, but also essential for your children’s physical health and emotional development. In the event you and your spouse are already separated, make sure that you stay connected with your children. Call and text them often, exercise each and every second of court-ordered parenting time that you’re entitled to. Additionally, if the other spouse gives you extra time, that’s another opportunity for you to gain valuable parenting time with your children. Ensure that you exercise it. In cases of alienation, the alienating parent always ends up losing in the long run because the children end up resenting them, so keep the good fight up. Additionally, make sure that you hire a lawyer who is experienced in fighting for parenting time and the rights of dads. You want to find someone who shares your value system and who knows how to fight but also be able to fight smart.

If you are a father considering divorce and would like more information, please contact Ryan Bauerle at 214-473-9696.

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