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How Do Mental Health Issues Impact Family Law Cases?

Thomas A. Greenwald | April 26, 2017

Some of the traits of a high-conflict personality are the blame game, and they always wanna blame other people for the bad things that are happening in their life, and they refuse to accept responsibility for their own behaviors, and they have a significant lack of insight into their own behaviors.

Another important trait is their need to escalate emotion to manipulate and persuade the people around them, though, often, if they don’t get what they want, they will take it up a notch and they’ll escalate the emotion in the situation, and hopefully, then get the response that they want and ultimately get what they’re asking for.

A lot of these personalities are very charming, they are highly intelligent, and they typically do very well in the courtroom because, for a short period of time, they can charm the judge, they can charm the people in the courtroom, they can charm counselors, mental health professionals, and they use that as a means of manipulation. So it’s really important to recognize that trait, as well.

Find an attorney that truly understands the high-conflict personality so that they can put together a plan to manage the personality and help you and assist you with the divorce process.

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Tom Greenwald is an experienced trial lawyer with 30 years of family law experience. He has been named Best Lawyers© Family Law “Lawyer of the Year” in Dallas/Fort Worth by Best Lawyers and named “Best Lawyers in Dallas: Family Law,” by D Magazine six times, including 2022. Tom brings specialized expertise to complex divorces, including complex compensation structures, property division, dealing with private business interests, separate property claims, business valuation, and child custody. His goal is to help clients find efficient and constructive solutions that will enable them to save money and maintain good working relationships in the future.

To learn more, contact Thomas A. Greenwald at (214) 473-9696.

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