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Is the Standard Possession Schedule a Good Fit for Your Family?

February 22, 2019


It’s important for children to build a strong relationship with both of their parents. And part of building the strong relationship incorporates having meaningful and quality access to both parents. In Texas, we have what is known as “the standard possession schedule.” Now that schedule works for many families, but in some cases that may not be the best schedule, and a more custom or tailored schedule might actually benefit the parties and the children.

I like them to consider the following. First, what are your children’s specific needs? Do you have younger children that may need a more structured schedule, or do you have older children who may have lots of extracurricular activities, and may be able to handle transitions between two homes a little bit easier than the younger children?

I also like my clients to consider what family traditions they have and what holidays are special to them, outside of the standard possession schedule holidays. But when you incorporate traditions from your children’s past, it can actually make it a little bit easier for them when they’re transitioning into a new family structure that has two homes. My main goal is to create a livable solution that is ideal for the parents and also benefits the children by incorporating past traditions into their new schedule while they’re building this new family structure.

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