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How to Ensure a Fair Business Valuation in Your Divorce

Ryan R. Bauerle | March 5, 2024

For any owner of a closely held business who’s facing a divorce, a business valuation that’s accurate is crucial to ensure a fair division of assets. This figure will be used during the property division process as both sides work toward a resolution that’s in alignment with the Texas family law.

The best way to get an accurate business valuation to be used in court is to consult a third-party business valuation expert, someone who understands how to value a business and can give you an unbiased calculation. But, for this expert to do a good job, they’ll need accurate data, which is why it’s also important to start getting together your financial documentation early in the process. This way, if anything is missing or unclear, the person valuing your business will be able to request more information to make sure that the final calculations come out correctly.

At Goranson Bain Ausley, our divorce attorneys have significantexperience with cases involving closely held businesses, and we can guide you through the business valuation process, as well as help you protect your business during the divorce. Contact our Texas family law firm to schedule a consultation today.

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