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How Child Support Payment is Determined During Divorce

Lindsey Obenhaus | February 22, 2019


Child support is a payment from one parent to another for the financial support of their kids. Typically, child support is paid to the parent who determines the children’s primary residence, or the parent who has the children more time out of the year. If an agreement can’t be reached, the family code has guidelines for how child support is calculated. The most important advice that I have for clients in child support situation is to focus on what’s best for their child. I think their primary consideration should be to put their kids’ practical needs first, and try to keep emotion out of this calculation.

There’s a lot of expenses for kids, big and little, that not all parents experience or understand. As a mom, I understand how much it costs to have kids. I also understand how important it is to provide for your kids. When we’re talking about child support, we’re really talking about establishing financial stability for your kids so that they can continue to have happy and positive childhoods. My goal in every case is to maximize my client’s financial outcome to ensure their success in the future.

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