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3 Helpful Tips When Co-Parenting during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Ryan R. Bauerle | April 30, 2020

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is changing lives everywhere, but it’s putting a strain on a group that already deals with challenges on a routine basis—divorced, or soon-to-be divorced, parents. Plano attorney, Ryan Bauerle shares 3 helpful tips on co-parenting and what to consider should you have a pending family law case during this uncertain time.

For additional information and guidance, please watch our How to Successfully Navigate Co-Parenting During Coronavirus Webinar.


Some tips for parents during the course of this crisis. First, make sure you communicate with the other parent. Even if you’re a legal adversary, communication now has never been more important. Ultimately, not just the best interest of the child is at stake, but also people’s lives and their health.

Second, make reasonable accommodations, lower your swords. Now is the time to co-parent even when it’s difficult to make sure the best interests of the child is met. The courts are going to expect that each parent does everything in their power to make sure that any sort of health concerns are communicated and everybody’s possession rights are honored.

Third, what you do during this time can and probably will impact the outcome of your case. If you have a case pending before the court, the judge will not look kindly upon a parent that uses a crisis like this to get leverage in their case. Conversely, the opposite is true. If one parent is going out of their way to be above the fray, I think the court will probably look favorably upon that. So now is the time to put those things aside and do what’s not only in the best interest of the child but also in the best interest of the outcome of your litigation.

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