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10 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Virtual Hearing

Lindsey Obenhaus | June 4, 2020

It is now common for courts to utilize virtual platforms (such as Zoom, Teams, CourtCall, or more) to conduct family law hearings. Participants in these proceedings needs to be mindful of how to properly use this technology so that they can make the most out of it. This is also true for virtual mediations, depositions, legal conferences, and more. Goranson Bain Ausley Family Lawyer Lindsey Obenhaus shares her top ten tips to prepare for a virtual legal proceeding.

If you have any other questions about virtual hearings, please contact Lindsey Obenhaus at 214-373-7676

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Lindsey excels in cases involving complex financial issues such as business or stock portfolio valuations and discovery, contested custody disputes, and domestic abuse. With a background as a former prosecutor, Lindsey’s extensive courtroom experience and strategic thinking helps clients to make informed decisions to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Lindsey’s counsel is not only strategic but practical as well. Serving professionals and stay-at-home parents alike, Lindsey recognizes that divorce can present an opportunity for clients to reinvent themselves. She assists them in the pragmatic tasks of starting over, while also working to secure their financial futures and empowering them to take the right next steps. To learn more about Lindsey, click here.

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“A divorce or child custody case can be overwhelming, emotionally and financially. I help my clients minimize these negative effects, empowering them for a better future, whether in a courtroom or at a negotiation table.”

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