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What Factors Play into How Long a Divorce Is Going to Take?

Megan Decadi | November 30, 2021

What factors play into how long divorce is going to take?

The main factors that are going to play a part in how long your divorce takes are:

  • The law and court system in general
  • What your goals are
  • The personalities of the parties

Under Texas law, in most cases, you won’t be able to finalize your divorce for at least 61 days. This is a result of the cooling-off period that the court requires under the law, so 61 days is the fastest you can get divorced.

Another factor that’s going to play a part in how long your divorce takes are the issues to be determined in your case. Do you have a complex property division? Or maybe some complex kid issues, issues of domestic violence? Or are most of your issues pretty straightforward? The nature of the issues to be determined in your case is going to dictate in large part how long it will take to make it through those things.

The third factor that usually affects how long a divorce will take are the personalities that play in your case. How willing are you and your spouse to come to the table and make reasonable compromises, usually the process is going to go as slow as the slowest person is willing to move? Also, the process of divorce requires exchanging a lot of information so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions. If you are not willing to turn over information the other party needs or if they give you trouble turning over information that you need. It can make the process last a lot longer.

To learn more about the factors that prolong divorce, contact Megan Decadi at 214-473-9696.

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