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Do I Need a Premarital Agreement in Texas?

Kathryn J. Murphy | September 3, 2019

If someone has substantial assets and they’re contemplating getting married, it is in their best interest to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney. An attorney who specializes in family law can guide them and tell them about the law, what the law states if they were to get a divorce without a premarital agreement, and what options they might have as far as a premarital agreement.

A premarital agreement has the ability to alter normal Texas law where earnings and income from separate property, which might normally be community property, could be characterized as separate property. Premarital agreements can actually improve marriage because everybody has full knowledge of what the assets are and know that both of their interests are being protected. Money tends to be one of the biggest contributors to divorce, and entering a marriage understanding how your finances are going to work can add a sense of security within the relationship.

For more information of premarital agreements in Texas, contact Kathryn Murphy at 214-473-9696.

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