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Dealing with a High Conflict Personality

Thomas A. Greenwald | April 10, 2020

Goranson Bain Ausley partner, Thomas Greenwald, sits down again with Sally Falwell for a second discussion on managing a divorce with a high-conflict personality individual. During their conversation, Thomas and Sally delve into what it takes to deal with a relationship with such a person. Sally recommends internal and personal work for clients towards creating and enforcing boundaries while also acknowledging that your high-conflict spouse will most likely cross those boundaries. To be ready for this, clients are advised to lean on both mental health professionals as well as a personal support system. Thomas and Sally lay out a guide for people on how to make a decision on whether divorce is right for them or trying to stay the course with their high-conflict partner safely and with reasonable expectations.

Sally Fallwell, a trained psychologist who specializes in mediation and negotiation practices in family law. If anyone would like to contact Sally, you can reach her at and on Instagram @drsallyfalwell.

For additional tips, please visit: 5 Tips for Dealing with High Conflict Personalities During Divorce.

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